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  1. Your information was incredibly helpful! You can IMPROVE by making your credentials easier to find—-that way I don’t have to put an asterisk by your name when I cite you! Now that I know that you were a teacher (I read your brief bio) and I can see your picture I trust you as a credible source. You have the most consumable information out there on Seamus Heaney, thank you for your hard work.

  2. Ancestral Photograph – I must ask your opinion, surely the photo removed from the wall would leave a darker patch where the light has not reached and faded it? Not a lighter area? Anyway…

    • Hi Max, you reached David Fawbert. In my Gran’s house in the 1940s the pictures taken down left a lighter patch because the house was heated using coal and coke that gave off smoke and ash particles; people smoked too. The wall area covered by the picture remained much the same colour as the day it was painted/papered, whilst over time the rest just got muckier. David