Seamus Heaney - A Hagging Match - Poetry Analysis

A Hagging Match

A Hagging Match   How to say ‘I’m stuck on you’ in twenty words. The are two protagonists, an I and a you; a ‘match’ is possible. The I is occupied indoors; the you is engaged out of doors. In the poetic mind sounds conjure up associations: the familiar sounds of axe thumps recall wave hits through/ a night ferry. The source of the sound is straightforward enough: splitting firewood carried out by the un-named You. What follows is an expression of closeness and endearment. Any elusiveness is down to the subtleties of language: ‘she’ is a person Whom I cleave to. The verb is appropriate both to the ‘chopping’ theme and  the message about bonding. Heaney has a second verb up his sleeve hew to. Same meanings, same bond. The message to the lumberjack-wife is doubly clear … double ‘edged’ you might say! Assessing a relationship in an unusual […read more….]