Seamus Heaney - Belderg - Poetry Analysis


Belderg A specific historical site in Ireland provides Heaney with the catalyst for exploring, in congenial dialogue, the linkage between artefacts, peoples, myths, cultures and ancient languages; the piece tells of doggedness, roots and recurrence. The speaker cites a comment from a ‘local’ about objects that regularly came to light (just kept turning up); given lack of education no thought was originally given to historical linkage and they were written off as foreign. The stone’s central hole made it one-eyed but (unlike the classical one-eyed Cyclops, perhaps) harmlessly benign. The original finder simply kept them lying about his house just Quernstones out of a bog. Excavation of the bog, to Heaney, reveals layered evidence of the past; peat is the lid. The eye of the stone now unearthed becomes a pupil dreaming of its original function: grinding Neolithic wheat. Excavation removed the blanket of peat hiding the soft-piled centuries; the […read more….]