Seamus Heaney - Edward Thomas on the Lagans Road - Poetry Analysis

Edward Thomas on the Lagans Road

Edward Thomas on the Lagans Road Once upon a time the ghost of an iconic WW1 poet came home (the poem is set after the end of WW2) along a road familiar to the poet where the ghosts of other ‘locals’ are also recalled. Heaney has returned to the spot. The opening is dramatic: in flash-back the poet hears a ‘presence’, a ‘ghost’ as yet unseen: a step/ On the grass-crowned road, the whip of daisy-heads/ On the toes of boots. The watcher is not alone: a man and woman are also present in their own little hide-away, engaged in passionate but amateur sexual foreplay: Fully clothed, strong-arming each other. They are minded to leave. The scene returns from flash-back to the Heaney’s poetic present: And now the road is empty. No ‘revenant’ this time, Nothing but air and light between their love-nest/ And the bracken hillside. His memory is […read more….]