Seamus Heaney - Fiddleheads - Poetry Analysis


Fiddleheads   A different angle on the ‘erotic’, not the sensual ‘wood nymph’ presence in Moyulla or the more overt sexuality of Tate’s Avenue, rather pleasure moments using delicacies that bring pleasure-on-a-plate to the senses. This short prose-poem is designed to bring a smile to the lips of a Japanese friend. Heaney has chosen Fiddlehead ferns to make his point; a special delicacy not to be found  just anywhere. He offers them in response to a Japanese friend’s expressed taste for the erotic and his suggestion that there was not enough of it in poetry. In this neat tongue-in-cheek, Heaney displays the erotic in his prose-poem, even though his sexy fiddlehead ferns, frilled, infolded, tenderised,/ in a little steaming basket, just for you might not be precisely what Toraiwa had in mind! Fiddleheads are edible ferns, eaten raw, steamed, simmered or sautéed as a luxury throughout the eastern states of […read more….]