Seamus Heaney - Follower - Poetry Analysis


Follower Heaney expresses his respect and love for his father and acknowledges his own place in the family line. He goes on to illustrate a paradox that is evident twenty years on. The poet paints the portrait of a strong, silent father from twenty years before. The man cut an impressive figure then with the stature and dignity of a tall-ship, shoulders like a full sail strung; a farmer at work in the fields, in full control of plough and horses between the shafts and the furrow. To his admiring son he was An expert, adept at positioning the plough’s wing and bright steel-pointed sock so as to produce the perfect sod rolled over without breaking; able to control his sweating team with minimum effort and assess his task with unerring skill, Mapping the furrow exactly. Heaney was the clumsy child who dogged his father’s heels, stumbled in his hob-nailed […read more….]