Seamus Heaney - Found Prose - Poetry Analysis

Found Prose

Found Prose   3 prose-poems celebrate places, people and routine events of school-aged boyhood. The Lagans Road Heaney uses the iconic road already featured in the previous poem as the means to a particular end: a rite of passage leading him physically to his first day at Primary School and opening up a contingent host of new experiences and sense data. The geographical context is set: the physical road, typical of neglected country roads; this one in its bog-side situation, a wilderness experienced daily between human settlements, between home and school. The magic of that very first journey to school is still tangible, as if the queen of elfland was leading me away from family and familiar settings. Not a fairy-tale queen taking him to school, in fact, but neighbourly flesh and blood: Philomena McNicholl… a fey if ever there was one. First impression: the first impressions of a ‘new’ […read more….]