Seamus Heaney - Gravities - Poetry Analysis


Gravities The poem precedes a suite of seven poems devoted to stages in his relationship with Marie Devlin. It acts as a preface that considers the force that draws objects inexorably together; it is about pull and resistance, freedom and restriction, seriousness and levity. The poet prepares the ground for the serious responsibilities that love and marriage entail. The apparent licence for high-riding kites to range freely is illusory; the kite is actually bound by human controls: reined by strings strict and invisible. Homing pigeons liberated into the air are actually bound by an instinctively faithful impulse to return home. The consciences of couples truly in love, after they have subjected each other to barrages of hot insult/ Often cutting off their noses to spite their face, are troubled; as a result they admit mutual remorse and show repentance within the native port of their embrace. Home-sickness provides a powerful […read more….]