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Home Help   Poems recalling the memory of two of Heaney’s father’s sisters. Helping Sarah   A woman working in the garden in springtime: ageing, perhaps, but annually rejuvenated at this moment in time, young/  Again as the year; neat and demure with tuck and tightening of blouse; active and untroubled by stiffness of the joints: with vigorous advance of knee; busy weeding rigs; frugal In the same old skirt and brogues; both well-organised and physically strong, on top of things; in all, a credit to her kind Her clothing: tweed skirt With pinpoints of red haw and yellow whin; well used and fit-for-purpose: Its threadbare workadayness hard and common. The woman herself: her decisive quick step; her dry hand; her organisation and efficiency: all things well sped; her uncompromising views about creation: Her open and closed relations with earth’s work. Heaney leaves us, who do not know her, to […read more….]