Seamus Heaney - Honeymoon Flight - Poetry Analysis

Honeymoon Flight

Honeymoon Flight In an extended metaphor Heaney draws a parallel between the act of faith required to board an aeroplane en route to the somewhere-new and the insecurities that newly-weds might harbour. The ‘flight’ is both plane journey and a personal escape into a new world. Airborne, the watcher sees Below a bird’s-eye view of patchwork earth, dark hems of hedge. Landscape features recall the symbolic rituals of the recently celebrated wedding: the long grey tapes … that bind and loose used in the ceremony by the priest to unite the hands of bride and groom resemble the network of roads beneath that unite the Irish countryside in casual marriage. The loss of familiar, Irish country-scape, small lough and farmhouse … our familiar landscape turns things upside-down: the sure green world goes topsy-turvy. Just as alterations in the sound of the plane’s engine are worrying, unfamiliar shifts generate anxieties in […read more….]