Seamus Heaney - In Iowa - Poetry Analysis

In Iowa

In Iowa   The first of three poems alluding to the threats posed by climate-change, this sonnet recalls a moment during Heaney’s travels in the USA. The poet’s acute observation and clarity of memory resurrect selected events from the past in fascinating detail even after time-lapse. His store of local and biblical references adds a spiritual dimension to implied dangers. Heaney struggled in the wilderness In Iowa once, among the Mennonites; not alone, conveyed all afternoon. He was caught in a blizzard remembered for its Slathering, an ingenious porte-manteau word conveying shades of liquidity from snow to lather with its nuances of delicacy, even saliva. Light was reflected in the precipitation’s sleet-glit , heavy, unceasing and thankfully outside the vehicle. Visual imagery gives way to hearing: an onomatopoeic phrase captures both the sound and movement of the windscreen wiper fighting in slumps and flits against the downfall. They have an […read more….]