Seamus Heaney - Lovers on Aran - Poetry Analysis

Lovers on Aran

Lovers on Aran Heaney expands the sea/land relationship of Valediction settling on a metaphor that explained a couple’s mutual fulfilment at a place familiar to them where land and sea met and inter-reacted. The poem adds the only indirect sexual allusions in the collection. When they were there the sea at once elemental force and female symbol was seeking to possess what it came up against, its Waves arriving across a huge expanse of ocean breaking as they had broken since time began onto the western Irish island-shore; waves reflecting and refracting the sun: bright … broken glass … dazzling … glinting; sifting waves that both drew together and fragmented matter. Irresistible waves engaged in an act of physical possession as if a female power were seeking to dominate. Or, and the speaker offers an equally compelling alternative, the male symbol, the island itself, the immoveable object, sought to ‘possess’ […read more….]