Seamus Heaney - Mid-Term Break - Poetry Analysis

Mid-Term Break

Mid-Term Break Via initial uneasy changes to his daily school routine and dawning reality, Heaney, then a fourteen-year-old schoolboy, confronts his four-year-old brother’s death (as result of a car accident in February 1953). He witnesses his parents’ grief. Brought home from school he experiences the moving responses of those around him before finally coming face-to-face with the body of his deceased brother. School has seen fit to segregate the boy in the college sick bay; his mind wiles away the time Counting bells knelling classes to a close (the use of ‘knell’ sounds a foreboding that the youngster has not yet grasped for himself). Abnormality is confirmed when ‘others’ pick him up from school. Once home he finds that, never experienced before, his father is in tears: He had always taken funerals in his stride; to the youngster’s discomfort, acquaintances use terms of condolence: a hard blow … shake my […read more….]