Seamus Heaney - On the Spot - Poetry Analysis

On the Spot

On the Spot   The coldness of death carries huge implications.   An early-morning walker has unearthed A cold clutch of last year’s birds eggs, a nestful, all but hidden preserved intact by last year’s leaf-mould. A country boy knows that the eggs are rotten by the mattness and stillness of them. Any healthy glow they exhibit is illusory, mere death-sweat deposited on them by the morning dew that didn’t so much shine the shells as damp them. The speaker who delights in nature walks of this nature clarifies what his search has revealed: not the warm eggs of living matter but This sudden polar stud/ And stigma and dawn stone-circle chill. A host of ideas are released: ‘Stigma’ has multiple connotations, principally the reproductive part of a plant but also mark of disgrace and sign of abuse (thinking of the body of Christ nailed to the cross). A clutch-ring […read more….]