Seamus Heaney - Out of Shot - Poetry Analysis

Out of Shot

Out of Shot   The poetic process is illustrated: a poem ‘comes on’ during a leisure activity. The title of the sonnet is suggestive of things ‘seen’ by the poet that by-pass ordinary mortals. Cameras following news-pieces also record what is less immediate or obvious. This sort of fringe detail is what the poet spots; it sets his creative spirit in motion. The poem provides a stepping-stone between two sets of events: the first to be remembered from Irish history; the second brought on by current reports from the war-stricken Middle-East. The speaker recalls the context in which an incident took on poetic charge: outdoors; a time of year; the weather conditions; bell-clear Sunday. He recalls himself with elbows lodged strut-firm upon a gate and remembers the pretext for being there: inspecting livestock (first of a string of ing participles suggestive of sequential thoughts). The development of language distracts him, […read more….]