Seamus Heaney - Out of This World - Poetry Analysis

Out of This World

Out of This World   A sequence in memory of Czeslaw Milosz using a title that opens a variety of connotations: no longer alive; excellent, top-rate; extraordinary.  Each poem in the sequence talks of issues and experiences that in one sense or another are ‘not of this world’. Ultimately the sequence is about ‘meaning’. ‘Like everybody else …’ The poem suggests that the legacy of religious conditioning never really goes away. The speaker confesses that his Catholic observance, as one of millions, has been (deliberately using the past tense) a submissive, unquestioned practice: Like everybody else, I bowed my head to participate in the symbolic consecration of the bread and wine  before looking up to the raised host and raised chalice ‘transformed’ into the body and blood of Christ. He did not question Transubstantiation; indeed he accepted without question that a change occurred. He has however come to question the […read more….]