Seamus Heaney - Quitting Time - Poetry Analysis

Quitting Time

Quitting Time   A sonnet-portrait of a humble but fulfilled man on the point of packing up after a tiring day’s work. The farmer enjoys a moment to savour before he kills the light; we follow the scene through his eyes as he pauses, satisfied, to survey The hosed-down chamfered concrete, angled at the edges so that the water does not lie, his eye moving from here via the cleaned up yard, the tools of his particular trade, pails and farrowing crate to the cast-iron pump, as iconic now as relicts from a more distant past: immobile as a herm, standing firm like an ancient boundary post: Upstanding elsewhere, in another time and named after the classical messenger god, Hermes. Taking last looks at the wet/ Shine of the place have come to symbolise job-satisfaction. He experiences a feeling of light-headedness on the one hand brought on by tiredness but […read more….]