Seamus Heaney - Rilke: The Apple Orchard - Poetry Analysis

Rilke: The Apple Orchard

Rilke: The Apple Orchard We are invited to share the experience of nightfall in an apple orchard: watch/ This deepening of green in the evening sward. This has a purpose. A rhetorical question seeks to confirm that as ‘chosen-ones’ capable of more than superficial observation of nature outside ourselves we have garnered/ And stored within ourselves a something.  The creative ‘something’ is born out of feeling and from feeling recollected,/ From new hope and half-forgotten joys/ And from an inner dark infused with these It takes on coherent shape in the inner recess of the ‘self’ and Issues in thoughts. The choice of apple orchard is clarified: the liberated thoughts are abundant and ripe as windfalls/ Scattered here; they possess the intricacy and detail of trees in a Dürer woodcut. In Heaney’s extended metaphor the orchard flourishes thanks to the harmonious interplay of Man and Nature, mind and body. Mens […read more….]