Seamus Heaney - Senior Infants - Poetry Analysis

Senior Infants

Senior Infants   A short sequence in poetry and prose recalling characters from Primary schooldays (that is, before the age of reason) and the lessons learnt from later contacts with them. The Sally Rod   Heaney bumps into a Primary school class-mate in the street; memories and details flood back. The shared memory is one of physical punishment suffered once upon a winter’s day (compare this with the standard fairy-tale opening ‘Once upon a time…’ to re-awaken the notion of ‘lost domain’.). It was the physical punishment administered across the legs by a named teacher using her willow stick, in retribution for a ‘crime’: Miss Walls/ Lost her head and cut the legs off us/ For dirty talk we didn’t think she’d hear. The reunion of these two men now elderly is warm: Duffy … / with his stick in the air and two wide open arms. How could either […read more….]