Seamus Heaney - Station Island – the Sequence(07) VII - Poetry Analysis

Station Island – the Sequence VII

VII The pilgrim has walked down to the water-line and felt soothed by just looking at it. The clear barometer of the water has brought relief from the issues that trouble him. There he sensed a presence un-reflected in the water (because a ghost has no mass to reflect). Hearing the sound of his name was unexpected: entering into my concentration/ on not being concentrated when he spoke; his reluctance to face the caller stems from his recognition of the man’s voice and recollection of his fate. The shock … at what I saw is etched on his memory: the victim’s face is as it was after his murder: his brow … blown open above the eye and blood. Strathearn seeks to play it down: ‘Easy now … it’s only me. You’ve seen men as raw/ after a football match. Suspicion of the late-night activities of men bent upon sectarian […read more….]