Seamus Heaney - Storm on the Island - Poetry Analysis

Storm on the Island

Storm on the Island The poet seeks to reassure and calm niggling doubts via the analogy of a storm-swept island. Beneath the poem’s surface sits a deeper conviction: sound foundation and mental strength enhance a couple’s chances of surviving together whatever extreme ordeals life may throw in their path. The narrator speaks decisively on behalf of this couple. They have come to their island prepared, knowing the best design for durable construction: houses squat … walls in rock … good slate. The wizened nature of the terrain, suggestive of ruthless attack from elements and erosion, has rendered some building materials useless: no hay… no stacks/ Or stooks that can be lost. The absence of trees/ Which might prove company when it blows full/ Blast leaves the gale indiscernible to the human ear. Despite the tangible buffeting the house is receiving there is no tragic chorus in a gale/ So that […read more….]