Seamus Heaney - Tate’s Avenue - Poetry Analysis

Tate’s Avenue

Tate’s Avenue   Shared rugs are emblematic of a long partnership that for all its forty years has lost none of its physical chemistry! The poem will eventually take us to Tate’s Avenue, an address in Belfast. Prior to that two stanzas are devoted to rugs from other occasions though Not the particular one he wishes to concentrate on. The first was a brown and fawn car rug, spread out by the sea and unaccustomed to beach life: breathing land-breaths. It dates from the chaste period in their relationship with its vestal folds. This rug was a plain, no-risk comfort zone/ Edged with a fringe of sepia-coloured wool tails. The second dates from a later, more hedonistic moment in Spain under a hot sun, prior to a bull-fight: a rug strewn with picnic remnants scraggy with crusts and eggshells and exotic ‘local’ produce, spread out on the banks of the […read more….]