Seamus Heaney - The Aerodrome - Poetry Analysis

The Aerodrome

The Aerodrome   Before moving away from his WW2 theme, the poet retells the story of a particular wartime visit to his local airfield. The visit becomes a parable about insecurity, temptation and resistance. The airfield is long since out of commission, first disused then re-developed : First … back to grass, then after that/ To warehouses and brickfields/ … Its wartime grey control-tower rebuilt and glazed/ Into a hard-edged CEO-style villa. Post-war changes in attitude and style were accompanied by a new vocabulary; here the ‘hard edge’ is associated with uncompromising money-making opportunities. Toome aerodrome is a part of history; the poet transports his memory and his senses to a smell of daisies and hot tar/ On a newly-surfaced cart-road, Easter Monday/ 1944. The compelling reasons for a boy of his age to be elsewhere were sharpened by the circumstances: The annual bright booths of the fair at Toome/ […read more….]