Seamus Heaney - The Birch Grove - Poetry Analysis

The Birch Grove

The Birch Grove   A poem about togetherness. Two people from an earlier generation share Nature’s regeneration with the privacy of their domestic setting. Both couple and tree (it is said) are at their happiest growing close together. The birch grove is newly planted in a private enclave akin to historical buildings fallen into disrepair: like the baths or bake-house/ Of an unroofed abbey or broken-floored Roman villa. Recently established but already in growth, the saplings resemble the mature trees they will become: their own long grown-up selves. Small details link them to the humans present: putting forth in the sun/ …the white of the bark/ As suffused and cool as the white of the satin nightdress/ She bends and straightens up in. The couple are breakfasting: she serves, pouring tea: he lolls, dandles a sandal/ On his big time-keeping foot, its regular swinging movements like a clock’s pendulum beating […read more….]