Seamus Heaney - The Blackbird of Glanmore - Poetry Analysis

The Blackbird of Glanmore

The Blackbird of Glanmore The speaker has reached his destination at Glanmore by car to discover his beloved blackbird Filling the stillness of the empty property with life. He knows its nature of old: an active but nervous creature preconditioned to scare off/ At the first wrong move. As ever, therefore, the kerfuffle of his departure will send it into hiding In the ivy. Heaney’s affection for the blackbird is strong and unreserved: you..I love.  Unwilling to spoil the perfection of the moment the speaker proceeds with deliberate caution: I park, pause, take heed./ Breathe. Just breathe. As he sits there, an immensely moving, personal moment comes to his mind from more than fifty years before, a memory fuelled by words he once translated: ‘I want away/ To the house of death, to my father. He is struck by heart-breaking loss of his 4 year old brother Christopher, killed in […read more….]