Seamus Heaney - The Conway Stewart - Poetry Analysis

The Conway Stewart

The Conway  Stewart At the time when Heaney turned 11, it was not uncommon for parents to offer children a gift to celebrate some important success, here passing entrance examinations and entering Secondary education as a boarder. So authentic are the markings he describes that Heaney might well be looking at the very pen of 60 years earlier: the nib’s Medium point; its 14 carat gold composition; the Conway Stewart branding of the screw-top and mottled barrel; the bubble at the nib’s tip for smooth script. The pen-gun of ‘Digging’ is recalled: the Conway Stewart has a barrel and pump-action (akin that of a shotgun); it requires to be manually loaded, not with cartridges, but treated to its first deep snorkel/ In a newly opened ink bottle . The process is not a clean one: ink can be ejected unpredictably, guttery, snottery; nor is it quick: letting it rest then at an angle/ To ingest.  The emblematic purchase and the process capture then deflect the […read more….]