Seamus Heaney - The Diviner - Poetry Analysis

The Diviner

The Diviner Heaney offers an example of a rural skill that verges on the miraculous to those looking on. The dowser (called in to locate underground water) approaches his task in a calm and professional way. His equipment amounts to a forked hazel twig, living wood from a green hedge. He grips it tight by the arms of the V; he walks in circles as a deliberate ploy to capture the pluck of water (as a string-player making notes using fingernail rather than bow); his manner is acutely sensitive to movement from the stick but unfussed. Successful location delivers an uncontrollable ‘electric’ charge: sharp as a sting/ The rod jerked with precise convulsions. The hidden water has given itself away suddenly broadcasting … its secret stations. Whilst the dowser is no showman (he rises modestly above it all, well used to the curious who would wish to try their hand); […read more….]