Seamus Heaney - The Nod - Poetry Analysis

The Nod

The Nod   A slight inclination of the head, ostensibly one of unspoken recognition, is not always what it seems. Routine shopping for Sunday lunch with his father: people spent Saturday evening with similar priorities: We would stand in line in the butcher’s shop. Heaney recalls the vivid colours: red for the meat, white string and standard brown-paper straight-ripped for packaging. The transaction is described: Sunday joint and braised shin for the week beyond are unceremoniously plonked down then dressed up in wrappings as smart as evening-wear: bow-tied neat and clean. The vocabulary turns ominous: words associated with firearms and casualties are introduced: seeping blood. Like dead weight in a sling; rifles have slings; dead bodies are transported in slings. The boy carried the parcel, the father paid in cash or rather shelled out: a colloquial usage that extends the military metaphor. Out in the street are uniformed non-civilians, local […read more….]