Seamus Heaney - The Thimble - Poetry Analysis

The Thimble

The Thimble The small closed-end cap (familiar since the late Roman period) worn over the finger-tip to protect it when pushing a needle in sewing is the common factor in a sequence of short poems. “The Thimble argues that every object is an ‘absent centre’ around which every culture weaves a different text of meaning”. HV(p133) 1 Focus on a sexually explicit fresco In the House of Carnal Murals, conjures up the small thimble-shaped cup carried by its painter to hold a special red, its coloration deliberately chosen to exaggerate the fresco’s deviant, lascivious subject-matter: the lips and special bite-marks. House of Carnal Murals: wall paintings illustrating sexually titillating materials; touch: the caress of the paint brush adds to the lustfulness of the piece; special red: used to exaggerate fleshy, erogenous zones or show evidence of moments of uncontrolled passion; HV identifies the geographical context for the frescoes as Pompeii (p134); the thimble becomes the ‘absent […read more….]