Seamus Heaney - The Tollund Man in Springtime - Poetry Analysis

The Tollund Man in Springtime

The Tollund Man in Springtime   Heaney first introduced Tollund Man in his collection ‘Wintering Out’ of 1972; further background information is provided at the end of this section. A sequence about ‘green’ issues: six sonnets explore the tensions between the unspoilt purity of the past and the destructiveness of progress and pollution. Heaney reintroduces his iron-age hero, whose sacrificially murdered body had been miraculously preserved in a Jutland peat-bog since the 4th century BC and discovered in 1950. 1. Tollund Man provides the voice of the revenant wandering perplexed through the technology-driven, security-threatened urban world that Man has created for the 21st century. As a spirit he can cross virtual city … scans, screens, hidden eyes undetected. He explains his presence: an absorbed face/ Coming and going, neither God nor ghost,/ Not at odds or at one, but simply lost/ To you and yours a neutral invisible fly-on the-wall’ […read more….]