Seamus Heaney - The Unacknowledged Legislator’s Dream - Poetry Analysis

The Unacknowledged Legislator’s Dream

The Unacknowledged Legislator’s Dream In dialogue with DOD (p 181) Heaney had the following to say about his prose-poem: It’s a free-floating invention, that one. I remember writing it in a café in Bray as I waited for my Volkswagen Beetle to be serviced. It’s a corrective to the more tragic-elegiac scenario in ‘Exposure’… This particular unacknowledged legislator is fit as a fiddle, his spirit blithe, his audience in great fettle … but he happens to be a joke in the eyes of his captor and he’s aware that he has simply become a part of some new political spectator sport Concerned about the relationship between his perceptions of injustice that deserve public comment and his inability to respond adequately, Heaney’s speaker comes to recognise that the individual’s attempt to change the ‘law’, ‘make a difference’ is a figment of his imagination. Movers and shakers! Enter a trail-blazer from Antiquity […read more….]