Seamus Heaney - Twice Shy - Poetry Analysis

Twice Shy

Twice Shy Heaney describes a walk, perhaps their very first, with the woman who would become his wife and to whom he has been married for forty years when District and Circle is published in 2006. The speaker is walking along a riverside with a woman whom he finds at once stylishly attractive, Her scarf á la Bardot yet practical: suede flats for the walk. Behind the pretext for their stroll, for air and friendly talk, an intense gravitational (see previous poem) pull is exerting itself. The attraction they are sharing has brought everything to a standstill: on the ground Traffic holding its breath; in the air Sky a tense diaphragm. Nightfall has provided a stage-set sensitive to the slightest change like a backcloth/ That shook where a swan swam. The couple have reached a dramatic moment of nervous thrill akin to that of a predator gathering itself to swoop […read more….]