Seamus Heaney - Waterfall - Poetry Analysis


Waterfall Observation of the power and shape of falling water presents Heaney with the challenge of transposing the visual turbulence and disorder of a waterfall into words. His poetic eye settles initially above the main fall, relative calm replaced as the pressure of water builds until the stream consumes itself as the burn drowns steadily its own downpour. Gravitational pull is injected, textures and light-effects are added in a helter-skelter of muslin and glass; unseen ridges cause skids that crash and generate visible soap-like suds. The moment of plunge into the void with its contrast of currents at once acceleration and braking that affect the water’s momentum is as irresistible as late medieval paintings and accounts in which the sinful are deposited into the fiery furnaces of Hell Like villains dropped screaming to justice. The water’s rebound is likened to an athletic glacier …/ reared into reverse and the stream’s […read more….]