Seamus Heaney - Wraiths - Poetry Analysis


Wraiths A three-poem sequence dedicated to Ciaron Carson, a fellow Northern Irishman, about ten years Heaney’s junior. Principally a poet and winner of a number of prestigious literary awards, Carson is also a novelist and accomplished musician with an interest in traditional Irish music and ways. Heaney pursues the interplay of reality and folklore contained in the poem Loughanure.  i Sidhe (pronounced ‘shee’) Co-existent worlds in which a man both poet and a creature of fairy-tale, both a Heaney and a Caoilte figure, is led ‘underground’ by an unidentified female figure at once real and Sidhe; a further parallel is drawn between a cavern beneath the mythical mound on Tory Island and a real-life cattle-pen. The she/ sidhe takes the lead. She took me into the ground, into a dugout: man-made rather than folkloric, spade-marked/ Clean-cut; agricultural rather than magical: meant for calves; deep enough to reveal a geological richness that tempts the imagination (a seam of sand […read more….]